BP presenteert: Mary Delioussina

Iedere twee weken organiseert Blinde Paniek een online expositie met daarin het beste werk van beeldend talent.

Schermafbeelding 2013-06-26 om 11.33.23

Van 26 juni tot en met 24 juli zie je hier het werk van illustrator/ontwerper Mary Delioussina.

For this exposition we are crossing borders (remaining in a state of blind panic, ofcourse). Russian-born and L.A.-based illustrator Mary Delioussina is a compulsive doodler and crafter. Her favorite subjects for drawings are things that confuse or creep out her friends. Delioussina: “I am inspired by memories from childhood, made up stories, hyperboles, dreams, animation, folklore, and the Russian countryside. By shuffling this familiar imagery around, I hope to spark curiosity or amusement in people of any age. The meanings of my illustrations tend to be ambiguous; I want to encourage people to come up with their own story while visiting my world.” 

For example: her picture ‘Warm Watermelon Summit’ was born out of childhood memories. When she would cry as a child, her father would call her tears watermelons on account of their size. Delioussina: “These huge, hot watermelon tears reminded me of the juicy melons we ritualistically feasted on every summer. Everyone’s eyes would be closed in ecstasy, while bright red water ran down their chins, sticky hands reaching for more and more. Inspired by these impressions, the image evolved naturally into this weird mythological scene.”

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